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The Leaning Tower of Belfast
Belfast's own leaning tower! The Albert Clock

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"A big thank you to Belfast City Tours. I work as a travel consultant, and they always make my job so easy. They offer great support and flexibility. Very professional and patient with different requests from clients. I would suggest to anybody a tour with this company to truly enjoy Belfast and surroundings."
Alessandra Levi (Germany).

"Wonderful combination tour with Tommy. We really enjoyed all the information and history he shared with us. I will certainly recommend this company to my friends when they visit Belfast."
Sally Blossom (USA)




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"Thanks for a fantastic 90 minutes of Belfast history. I can honestly say it was the best tour I have done. Thanks again."
Mike NY

"I have travelled all over the world and taken dozens of tours, but the tour of Belfast with you has been the best ever!"
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Belfast City Tours - Political/Mural Tour

Belfast City Tours - See the pictorial History of the ‘Troubles’

Belfast city tours black taxi tour of the Belfast murals. The story of Northern Ireland's recent troubles. Hear how the ‘Troubles’ started and finished and everything in between.

Although there are murals are all over Belfast this tour is largely concentrated on the west of the city where the protestant Shankill Road meets the Catholic Fall Road.

During the Tour we tell you the history of the ‘Troubles’. How they started some stories of what happened during the 35 years of the conflict and how they came to an end.

Our first stop on the tour is in the Shankill estate where there is a large mural of King William (William of Orange) who won the famous battle of the Boyne in 1690 against the catholic King James the 2nd of England. There are also a number of murals dedicated to the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) who were one of the main protestant paramilitary groups during the troubles.

Next we go to the place where the troubles started in Belfast, and visit the famous Peace Wall. The wall is 2.2 miles long and was built in 1969.

We then cross the peace line to the catholic Fall Road and visit the Clonard memorial garden. This garden is dedicated to the people of the Clonard area of Belfast who lost their lives during the troubles.

The penultimate stop is the Bobby Sands mural which is located on the wall of the Sinn Fein headquarters in Belfast. You will hear the story of the Hunger strikes and how Bobby Sands became a member of the British Parliament.

The final stop is the international wall where some of the murals depict other conflicts around the world.

This tour lasts between 60 and 90 minutes

See more murals in our Gallery

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