Accommodation Guide To Visiting Northern Ireland

Accommodation Guide To Visiting Northern Ireland

Embarking on a journey to Northern Ireland, you’re met with a multitude of accommodation options.

From the cosmopolitan charm of Belfast to the quaint countryside bed and breakfasts, Northern Ireland offers a variety of stay experiences to cater to every tourist’s preference.

This guide aims to help you navigate your way through the plethora of choices, ensuring that you find the perfect place to rest your head as you explore the enchanting landscapes and vibrant cities of this stunning region.

The Wealth of Northern Ireland Accommodation

The Diversified Landscape

Northern Ireland has a wide array of accommodation options, each with unique charm and appeal.

Whether you’re seeking the luxury of international hotel chains, the homeliness of locally-renowned guesthouses, or the thrill of adventurous venues, Northern Ireland has got you covered.

The Inclusive Hospitality

When it comes to welcoming guests, Northern Ireland stands second to none. It has hosted individuals from all walks of life, extending from world leaders to multi-generational families.

The diversity in Northern Ireland’s accommodation ensures that everyone’s needs are precisely catered to.

Belfast: The Urban Oasis

Serving as the capital and largest city of Northern Ireland, Belfast presents tourists with a blend of modern elegance and historic charm.

The city boasts an array of accommodation options, ranging from big international hotel brands to stylish boutique hotels.

Luxury Hotels

Several luxury hotels in Belfast offer top-notch comfort, service, and hospitality. These hotels feature amenities such as swimming pools, bars, restaurants, thermal spas, and gyms, making them an ideal choice for tourists seeking a luxurious stay experience.

Boutique Hotels

For those visitors seeking a cosy and intimate atmosphere, Belfast offers a variety of boutique hotels and guesthouses. These establishments often feature unique and eye-catching designs, providing their guests a different kind of luxury.

The Self-Catering Haven

For tourists who prefer the flexibility and freedom of self-catering, Northern Ireland offers many options. These accommodations range from bustling cities like Belfast and Derry-Londonderry to secluded cottages overlooking scenic landscapes.

The Glamour of Glamping

For tourists with a love for the great outdoors, Northern Ireland offers an array of campsites and outdoor-oriented accommodations. Glamping sites are available in every county, allowing tourists to enjoy home comforts in the wildest of places.

The Coastal Charm

Northern Ireland’s coastline is dotted with several campsites, caravan parks, and holiday villages. These accommodation options provide the perfect opportunity for tourists to enjoy family-sized fun by the seaside.

Discovering Northern Ireland Online

The official tourism website for Northern Ireland, Discover Northern Ireland, is a valuable resource for tourists. The website features accommodation listings, offers, events, and a wealth of inspirational content about holidaying in Northern Ireland.

Online Presence and Visibility

Several accommodations in Northern Ireland have their own websites and social media profiles, making it easy for tourists to make their bookings online.

Moreover, listing their property on popular Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) such as,, and Airbnb helps these accommodations reach a wider audience.

8. Quality Assurance and Grading

The quality of accommodations in Northern Ireland is of paramount importance. The Northern Ireland Tourist Board conducts annual inspections of its recommended accommodations, ensuring they meet the highest service standards, cleanliness, and comfort.

9. Welcome Schemes and Packs

Many accommodations in Northern Ireland participate in Welcome Schemes, designed to help tourists find a place that suits their specific needs.

Additionally, some accommodations provide guests with a Welcome Pack, featuring locally sourced goods and essential information to assist guests during their stay.

10. The Importance of Insurance

Public liability insurance is an essential consideration for any accommodation business. It protects the business in case a guest gets injured or their property gets damaged while on the premises.

With this comprehensive guide, tourists can find the perfect accommodation that suits their needs and budget, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable stay in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland has something for every traveller, whether it’s the urban charm of Belfast, the rustic appeal of countryside B&Bs, or the adventurous allure of glamping.


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