Game of Thrones Studio Tour: A Must-See for Fans Visiting Belfast

Game of Thrones Studio Tour: A Must-See for Fans Visiting Belfast

For fans of the epic fantasy series “Game of Thrones” (GoT), a trip to Belfast would not be complete without taking a Game of Thrones Studio Tour.

Located in the Linen Mill Studios, this immersive experience transports you inside the realm of Westeros and beyond.

Offering a behind-the-scenes look into the show’s most iconic locations and breath-taking special effects, the Game of Thrones” Studio Tour is an absolute must for any GoT enthusiast.

Behind-the-scenes Experience

Walking through the exhibition, visitors are greeted with an authentic behind-the-scenes perspective on how the award-winning series was created.

Sets such as Winterfell, Dragonstone, and Castle Black are recreated in meticulous detail, providing an immersive experience unparalleled by any other GoT tour.

However, the experience extends beyond mere set pieces; props, costumes, weapons, and jewellery used in the production are on display.

Giving visitors an upfront glimpse into the creative process that went into crafting the Seven Kingdoms.

Explore Iconic Scenes at Game of Thrones Studio Tour

Walking through the studio tour, visitors are capable of stepping directly into numerous iconic scenes from the show.

From the Stark family home in Winterfell to the threatening stronghold of Castle Black, these faithful reproductions serve to bring to life favorite moments from the series.

This tour allows you to explore the mysterious lands beyond the Wall or sit on the coveted Iron Throne – a highlight experience for any fan.

Hands-on with Props, Weapons, and Costumes

Alongside the impressive set reproductions, the studio tour also showcases a display of authentic props, weapons, and costumes from the series.

See up close the minute detail of the Night King’s weapon, Cersei’s royal clothing, or Jon Snow’s iconic sword ‘Longclaw’.

This is an unforgettable opportunity to get hands-on with the tangible elements that have been so integral in bringing the realms of Westeros to life.

Immersive Interactive Elements

The “Game of Thrones” Studio Tour takes the fan experience to a new level with its interactive elements.

An arsenal of multimedia and special effects allows visitors to learn the art of filmmaking, from stage combat choreography to moulding prosthetic.

Learn about the green screen technology used to bring massive battles and mythical creatures to life or discover the practical effects that created the brutal winters of Westeros.

Take Home a Piece of Westeros

To complete your “Game of Thrones” adventure, be sure to visit the studio tour’s gift shop. Here visitors can find a host of GoT merchandise from clothing to collectibles.

Whether you fancy yourself some House Stark gear, a dragon egg, or even a replica of Needle, there’s surely something for every fan.

Catering to Hungry Adventurers

After immersing yourself in the world of Westeros, replenish your energy at the Studio Tour’s restaurant.

Serving a collection of dishes inspired by the show, indulge in a feast fit for a king.

The restaurant’s medieval-eque atmosphere adds a touch of Westerosi flavour to your dining experience.

Game of Thrones Studio Tour Is Must See

If you’re visiting Belfast you really have to take in this tour

Fans of “Game of Thrones” looking to get closer to the action should not miss out on this immersive studio tour in Belfast.

Boasting meticulously reconstructed sets, educational exhibits, hands-on workshops, and exclusive merchandise, it’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Seven Kingdoms.

Whether you’re a hardcore fan or a new admirer, you’ll leave this iconic attraction with enriched appreciation for the series, its characters, and the incredible craft behind its creation.


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